CamaLeasing is in business to provide Microsoft Office solutions
for small to medium sized enterprises.

We specialize in converting legacy IBM Approach applications to the more moderm platform which is Microsoft Office. All of the applications contained in the MS Office suite are considered interchangeable parts and can be used together via what Microsoft calls Office Automation. We have been taking advantage of this capability for over thirty years.

TaxbookD is a Microsoft Access database application which is designed for Real Estate appraisers whose business is property tax appraisal for towns and municipalities. It was originally developed as a replacement for a system used by the State of Maine property tax division which was old and no longer being supported. This legacy system was originally based on a Lotus Smartsuite Approach database/spreadsheet platform from the early 1990s. For those currently using Approach, TaxbookD can import worksheet data from Approach APR files. Subsequent to this import, Approach is no longer needed.

The requirements for running TaxbookD are Windows 8/8.1 or later and Microsoft Office version 7 or later that includes Access and Excel. A typical installation might be as follows: TaxbookD running as a front end on multiple workstations connected to a single town Access database existing on a back end server containg multiple Access town databases and Excel Workbooks. This is typical for most Access applications where multiple users in an organization are sharing data. The back end databases for the individual towns reside on a single machine which is accessable from multiple workstations having a need to use the data in each of the towns. TaxbookD as the front end contains only objects that use the data such as Forms, Reports and Queries and also the code that makes it all work. This seperation of Data and Presentation/Services has two benefits. First is the ease of making upgrades and improvements to the TaxbookD database without affecting the data and the second is that it simplifies the upward migration to a more powerful Client/Server solution such as SqlServer or Oracle down the road if circumstances warrant.

TaxbookD also has the ability to create an Access database that supports having the following data available on the internet. Building Card, Land Card, Taxbills and Valuation Book ( BC/LC above). If you have the tax maps for the town, they can also be made available on the internet. This data being available to anyone who needs it no matter where they are, can be a good thing for many town officials as they get requests for this information from many sources since it is data that is in the public domain. This creates much work for town personnel. This can mean an additional income stream for your business as you can lease this capability to your client towns.